KABRITA: Goat Milk Toddler Formula Powder 12-24 Months 14 oz


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The first toddler formula that combines naturally easy to digest goat milk with a modern-day formulation. After their first birthday your little one is offically a toddler. In this new stage of your little ones development, He or she will become much more active and have different nutritional requirements. Kabrita 3 Toddler milk has been specifically developped to meet these new nutritional requirements as a part of a varied diet. The unique combination of naturally easy to digest goat milk and a modern day formulation (which consists of all the required vitamins, minerals and carefully selected ingredients, such as unsaturated fatty acids (DHA & AA), prebiotic fibers (GOS) and the unique DigestX OPO-fatblend), ensures that your little one gets all the energy and nutrients needed to prosper every day. Kabrita 3 Toddler milk is suitable for toddlers from 1 year onwards.

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